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14- Day Journal Challenge

 Mindset is Everything 

With everything I have experienced over my 20+ years in top-level sport, I know the secret to success lies solely from your




If you experience a loss of confidence, stress or anxiety, you are not able to tap into your full potential. I discovered in the peak of my career,  just how powerful mindset and energy is and how it can be a secret to your success or another chapter in the book of lessons.

Is it a switch you flick? Not really. Just like our bodies it needs to be practised every day. Just like most things a positive mindset needs to become a habit and part of your lifestyle. I am a very visual learner and without even knowing what I was doing I used to write positive affirmations, draw pictures of my goals on napkins and visually go through the outcome of what I wanted from each competition before I went to sleep each night. On retiring from competition, I stopped this process as I thought it was just something I did for my sport and didn't make the connection that this process is how we

Create Life!


I.AM Challenge


My passion is to help as many people as I can. I see too many people put their lives on hold because they are fearful or hesitant about going after their



That is why I have come up with a 14- Day Journal Challenge.

This challenge will get you thinking about your life, goals and dreams. Get you practising gratitude and test your way to think about yourself and situations. It is self-paced which means you can start when you want however you need to commit to the 14 days - That is the CHALLENGE.

Journalling has helped me shape my life and those around me and I know it can help you too!

All you need is a pen, paper and a willingness to be open. Make a commitment to yourself, to explore more positivity, self-love and discovery.

Start when you want but consistency is key!

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