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2021 - What will we make of it?

Happy New Year! 🥳

I cannot believe we are here already. 2020 must have been the quickest year in history.

I am not one to make a huge deal of a new year because for me nothing changes. I mean from 31st December to the 1st January what physically changes? NOTHING!

A fresh new start to a new year does not take away the state of the world, the financial status we are in, the house we are in. Sound like I am the New Year Grinch! 😂 I am NOT!

What it does give us is a timeline. A new year, that's 12 months to achieve new goals and dreams and to change whatever we need to. Provides us with a sense of a "clean slate" so to speak to start again and continue to move forward.

There is so much out there of "2021 please be nice to me", or "hope this year is better than last year" Truth is, the number of the year doesn't make it good or bad, we do. I understand 2020 is a year NO ONE will forget anytime soon but it has been a great test. It has shown us how we can survive under uncertainty. What it means to be grateful for what we have at the moment because it can all be taken away at any time. It has taught us to be caring and so much more sympathetic towards others and ourselves. Even though many of us are far away from loved ones, it has brought us so much closer together.

What 2020 threw at us was surely a curveball no one was ready for and some, they have lost so much of their lives and family. It forced us to look inside ourselves and show us that we are strong enough to survive and we will find a way to keep going and with the right support - we will be ok!

For me the one gift 2020 has given us is the ability to ADAPT. We have needed to switch gears in a moments notice, make decisions with little to no certainty that it is the right one, we have moved online, made new products, found new ways to connect. 2020 has set up 2021 for success!. As hard as this year may still be with no travel, intermittent lockdowns, we are ready for it and we can do it!

A new year to me means really stepping forward into the things we have been wanting to do and haven't had the courage to do so. It is about letting go of the things that has held us back like fear, doubt, worry. It is about starting something new, pushing yourself outside of the comfort zone as we all know that is where GROWTH lies. Big or small, now is the time to start getting that motivation ball rolling, once it does with action, the snowball effect will be massive! An avalanche is started from a small snowball after all right? ❄️

Do we need to wait for the new year to start? NO, but now that it is here, it is a great time to!

I hope this year you get out of your comfort zone, get out of self-doubt, look inside and challenge yourself to whatever it may be. Take the lessons from 2020, make the changes you need to and smash 2021!

You never know - it might fun!

x Ang

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