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Every Day is Pancake Day 🥞

I love pancakes! If you follow my Instagram stories you will see most of what I post is PANCAKES.

I have found a full proof method and recipe that just hits the spot for me and I wanted to share it.



Fun free is a term I use for food that is free of everything, DF, GF, SF. Often substitutes or "free from" products can make you feel like you are missing out on the real deal but with these, I feel you won't feel like you will be missing much at all!

I have always been a bit "pancake challenged" and never successfully made a good stack of pancakes - until now.

This concoction has arrived from a few tweaks and suggestions from a few different sources and I will list them below. They are low carb, (but don't have to be) they are full of protein and healthy fats and in my opinion damn tasty. This is just my way to enjoy them but you can mix it up however you like! *different ratios, flours and protein powder will result in a varied result. You will need to find a ratio that you like.

What Worked?

SortedFood on youtube has been on my watch list for several years and this video changed my pancake life forever. Even if you make traditional pancakes this method was a game changer for me.

I have always hated protein powder and slightly sensitive to whey protein but I have really been enjoying the RAW Amazonia brand but a slightly cheaper and easily accessible (Coles) brand is Dose and Co. I am also obsessed with their pure collagen!

As you can see, I LIKE THIS BRAND! 🤩

I have mixed it up a bit by trying different flours from GF flour to wholemeal spelt flour. The texture does change a bit but play around and see what tickles ya fancy!

I use almond milk to keep these DF - just a preference.

I have tried to make these with a chia egg but not my favourite.

The quickest topping

Getting these down to a fine art takes about 10-15mins from start to finish. As soon as the mixture is done it is just a case of throwing frozen berries into the microwave, squeezing a bot of lemon or lime juice and a sprinkling of chia seeds depending on how jammy you want your sauce. BANG done!



For 1 person makes 2 pancakes

All ratios of each ingredient are based on the weight of the egg

1 egg (weighed - mine on average are 52g)

Milk (same weight as egg)

Protein Powder (half of egg weight - 20g)

GF Flour or Spelt or plain flour (15g)

Almond flour (12 g)

Coconut flour (5g)

Baking powder 1-2 g

Pinch salt

You can play around with the ratio of flour as long as the total flour is equal is the weight of the egg.

An easier option if you are not concerned about the flour would be:

1 egg (weighed - mine on average are 52g)

Milk (same weight as egg)

Protein Powder (half of egg weight - 26g)

GF Flour or Spelt or plain flour (26g)

Baking powder 1-2 g

Pinch salt

Whisk it all together.

In a medium-low pan add a bit of coconut oil, butter, oil of choice

Add in half the batter

Cook for a few mins (2-3) until you see bubbles appear or the top is firm enough to flip

Flip and cook for another 2 mins

Meanwhile, you can heat about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of frozen berries to a bowl and microwave for 2 minutes on 70% power (or as long as you like)

Once hot add in a sprinkling of chia seeds and a splash of lime or lemon juice. (I do not measure mine maybe 1 tab), then mash with a fork and allow to thicken up.

Smear on a light layer of ricotta cheese or filling of choice to the bottom pancake. I have used chocolate peanut butter (heated to make it easier to smooth on) Add another layer of ricotta on the top pancake.

Dollop on your chia jam

Sprinkle with some mint - I usually have raspberries so it goes so well!

Drizzle with maple syrup or SF maple and a sprinkling of cinnamon.

You are ready to dig in!


I hope you give these a try. I have used different flavoured protein powders and added cacao powder to make chocolate ones. The world is your oyster really! I have found almost anything goes as long as you stay with the egg ratio.

If you do make these or you find a winning combo let me know either here or on Instagram

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