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Do you VALUE you?


What comes to mind when you hear the word value?

The material or monetary worth of something? One's judgement of what is important in life?

The price one puts on an experience? or is it a person or an act of service?

Value for money is a phrase we hear all the time. It is also one's personal opinion as to whether or not we receive value for money for that service or product. What is it that we value the most? The joy it brings us? The benefit it brings to our life? How many times we use the product and how long it lasts? These are all things that we think about when we compare the product or service to the price we paid for it. What about ourselves? Do we truly value what we have to offer? At times a lot of us are not treated fairly, we get down and depressed because we know we are not being compensated what we believe we should be based on how we perceive our own value to that job or company yet most of us will never ask for a raise. Why? For the majority, this is due to the fear factor that someone else may not value us as we value ourselves, or we just do not see our own worth and start to believe we are not worth much at all.

How do we know what we are worth? We trust and know that we are doing all we can to provide the best possible product or service. Reflect and analyse what we can do to perform better. Own our mistakes and learn from them. We are committed and loyal to our job or company and maintain a good work/life balance. We can't give from an empty cup, right? When you let go of ego and give from a place with the benefit of others in mind, this is when you are truly valuable. Just as like attracts like so does value. No one will see our true value if we don't see it for ourselves. We must first let go of FEAR that makes us question, "What if someone doesn't think I am worth it?" If someone doesn't value you as you value yourself, let them go! You don't need them in your life. If others are questioning your value ask yourself the question, "Do I truly value myself, is there more that I can do?" If the answer is "yes I do! no there isn't" GREAT keep being your amazing self! If not, reflect and make changes. Greatness through growth and development has no time limit!

They say knowledge is power but we only gain knowledge through experience. We all teach what we have learnt ourselves and sharing that experience is the most VALUABLE gift you can give someone. It may not appeal or resonate with everyone but for those that it does, it can be life-changing. Now tell me that isn't valuable? I have experienced and worked with some great people in my life, some I have paid for and some have been great friends. If they have said, done, or shown me things which have helped shape my life (in any way big or small), that is value. I value opinions both positive or negative, I value my friendships and relationships the most because without them how do we keep growing, learning and experiencing life? We learn so much through our mistakes but if we learn from them is it actually a mistake or a lesson? There is so much value in our mistakes because once we learn our lesson we can help others so they don't have to learn the same lesson themselves. When we pay it forward by using our own experience to enhance the lives of others, then we realise our true VALUE.


This is my view as an ex-athlete and coach. Angela McMillan World Aerobic Gymnastic Champion

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